The Art of Psychotherapy

Exploring current experience we may wonder about the past and consider the influences of relationships and events.  I regard therapy as an art – a process in which we work to make sense of feelings and thoughts that are sometimes painful, confusing and frightening,  but always understandable.  Exploring the context of experience and behavior is something you can expect in our work together.  To “think about thinking” or “to know one’s own mind” helps expand our capacity to reflect which is essential for dealing with emotional pain and conflict.

Identifying patterns in relationships and life choices can help us to understand negative cycles of hopelessness, fear and confusion.

In the process of therapy sometimes insecurities, anxieties or other tensions may be triggered by a therapist’s responses or as you formulate new ideas.  I aim to be empathic and open to your experience and perceptions of our work together.  I welcome your reactions to the ways in which I relate to you.  

I am confident that when therapy provides an environment of warmth and acceptance,  your independent ideas and thoughts will thrive.